[Originally posted August 10, 2004] Isn’t it great how the fine print often invalidates the normal print in documents. My wife and I were looking at credit card applications recently, comparing rates and such. You know, fixed rates vs. adjustable ra... read more

[originally posted March 1, 2004] I listened to an interview this weekend on NPR with Stephen Prothero, the author of American Jesus: How the Son of God Became An Icon. In his book Prothero has traced the various incarnations of Jesus in the American i... read more

[originally posted November 1, 2003] On Monday I met a guy at the Salvation Army. He’s a father of a large homeless family (6-8 people) that was staying and eating at the downtown center. I had seen them for 3 or 4 weeks. They always sat together, a... read more

The person who thinks that there is an argument about whether faith or works is more important with regards to salvation does not understand faith.  Perhaps more importantly, they also don’t understand salvation.

10 years ago Liquidthinking was born. A blog born out of the labor of something new God was doing in a few of us. The struggles, frustration and hopes of a few of us in this space led us to a community around the world who were asking similar questions. L... read more