Liquidthinking is a collective of thinkers who hope to join in establishing God’s kingdom in the way of Jesus. Founded in early 2003 the blog began as an outlet among friends to ask questions that weren’t safe at the time: What is the gospel? What is the church? What does it mean to follow Jesus today? Is it even possible to be a faithful follower of Jesus and live in the suburbs? (Where we all lived.) Often irreverent and satirical the writers sought to turn over the tables of their beliefs to find out what faithfulness to God might look like. At times it was dark because we were dark. At times it was angry, because we were angry. In very practical ways, liquidthinking was a form of public detox from a faith that felt retributive, overly religious, and harmful. The Liquidthinking blog ebbed and flowed out of our various stories and it was a time of deconstruction.  To our surprise it hit a nerve with people around the world who’s stories paralleled our own. In a sense the writers of posts and the writers of comments became a lifeboat for each other. After a few years the blog turned a corner or we grew busy and we let it slowly fade away

Now, 10 years after starting the blog, and 7 years since our last post we are starting up again with the original 4 authors though we may be inviting others to contribute as well.

We aren’t interested in reliving the past, however, a few things will be certain.

1.  We will keep asking questions in a variety of settings.
2.  We will not agree with each other often.
3.  We will strive to seek the way of Jesus.


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