Monday, December 11, 2006
Missions is the New Worship
I noticed that Wade Hodges picked up on this little line from someone. I just want it to be known (as far as I know) that statement originated with me at a church camp this past summer.

I'm thinking of trademarking the statement since it's getting around. I'd appreciate it if anyone using it would go ahead and write it this way: Missions is the New Worship™.

I don't get it? What exactly is that supposed to mean? know how the big thing in Christianity used to be teaching (back in the 80's or so), and then became worship in the 90s. Now the new thing is Missions.
I'm telling you... ORU and the rest of the evangelicals are trying to take over the world.... literally.
yeah, I got that much Jimmy. But I still don't get it. Is it missions, or is just a bunch of people painting a house or even worse "prayer walking" through a poor are without ever opening their wallets. Lets not call it missions because I have many friends risking their lives daily to spread the gospel. Let's just call it a feel good vacation that is tax deductable.
I'm glad to know where it came from. I knew Riddle wasn't smart enough to come up with it by himself.
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